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The objective of CyNET LLC is to secure network of government agencies and large corporate IT customers. CyNET LLC security solution consists of Software Defined Networking (SDN) based centralized security vulnerability and attack detection, Machine Learning and AI based security analysis framework to correlate threat information from entire cloud networks, and apply SDN-based security countermeasures to pro-actively deploy countermeasures.

SDN based security attack detection checks security vulnerabilities and system processes to identify and neutralize threats before they can impact whole network.

It allows analysis of system threats using a newly designed scalable tool known as attack graph, which provides fast threat analytics on large cloud network. Our test results on ASU data-center provided generated scalable attack graph for a network with large number of computer clusters.

Our solution utilizes machine learning and AI for data correlation from various sources such as vulnerability information, intrusion detection system (IDS), system processes to identify active threats and malicious hosts with high degree of accuracy.

Most existing security solutions required human intervention in security decisions, this is resource intensive and error prone procedure. CyNET LLC utilizes SDN based solution, which allows us to orchestrate and reconfigure network in an autonomous fashion that can significantly reduce human’s involvement.

the CyNET LLC provides a responsive graphical user interface (GUI) which allows network administrator to easily check security incidents and metrics for reporting and analysis.


Smart Security Command Center

SDN based Network Monitoring


Realtime Threat Detection


Attack Graph – Threat Visualization


ML and AI based Security Analytics


SDN orchestrated Attack Countermeasure


Policy Conflict Detection and Mitigation




Data Center service providers and private cloud users.

Data center containing a heterogeneous hardware and software resources running environment, and a mid-size/large enterprise, respectively.

Our preliminary marketing research shows that there are 8.6M companies (total market size) that have IT requirements currently in US.

The addressable market size we estimated for cloud based companies that have some cybersecurity need is 4.2M companies in US. Our target market size (government organizations and corporate) that can support security solution provided by CyNET LLC is 8,400,000.


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